Will Cargo Tie Down Strap Being Too Long Affect The Use?


Someone asked the question: Will the length of the Carg […]

Someone asked the question: Will the length of the Cargo Tie Down Strap be too long to affect the use? Then we will answer it today.

When we are binding some large objects, we need to pay attention to the following two points when choosing cargo binding belt, the required length and the weight of the cargo.

The breaking tonnage of the conventional quick tensioner is 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 4 ton, 5 ton, 8 ton and 10 ton, and the length can be customized. When seeing the above information, some people will say that the binding belt is a flat fiber webbing, and the length of the lifting belt will affect the tension. Will it be affected if the length of the cargo strap is too long? If so, how much will it be?

To understand the above problem, you first need to understand the use method and precautions of the product tensioner.

The binding belt is also called a tensioner and a tightener. It is used to play a fixed role in the transportation of goods. It belongs to a kind of hand tool, which is composed of various specifications and models of fiber webbing and metal products. When in use, only the fixed end is fixed, the adjusting part is fixed, and the metal handle is shaken to achieve the best binding effect.

What you need to pay attention to is that this product must not be used as a load lifting adjustment. So as long as you use it strictly in accordance with the regular operation of the cargo binding belt, the length will not affect the overall effect of the use.

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