What To Look For When Buying Tie-down Straps?


What to look for when buying tie-down straps?   ho […]

What to look for when buying tie-down straps?


how much weight they can hold?


You have to pay attention to the weight of your cargo, because if you give the lacing straps more weight than they can handle, they are likely to catch you during use. Each strap has what's called a working load limit (WLL), which determines how much weight the strap can safely carry.


What you need to do when purchasing tie-down straps is to ensure that the maximum weight of your cargo is no greater than the total WLL of the tie-down straps. This means that if your load is 1000 lbs and you buy two harnesses, their combined WLL should be greater than 1000 lbs.


shoulder strap length


Length is also another important factor, because if the tie-down straps are too short, they won't get over your cargo and you won't be able to secure it at all. If your straps are too long, the rest of the straps will come loose and become a major hindrance during transport.

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