What is the working principle and mechanism of Over Center Buckle?


working principle: The working principle of Over Center […]

working principle:
The working principle of Over Center Buckle is relatively simple. It is based on the lever principle and the over-center point mechanism. The following are the working steps of Over Center Buckle:
Tensioning the material: During use, the user passes the strap or rope through both sides of the Over Center Buckle and gradually tightens the material. This causes tension between the materials.
Lever Movement: The Over Center Buckle consists of a bendable metal lever with one end attached to a fixed position and the other end with a movable buckle head. When the user tightens the material, the movable portion of the lever head is lifted and moved toward the other end, creating a lever-like movement.
Passing the center point: During the movement of the lever, when the head of the buckle passes the center point, it will automatically lock in a fixed position. This is where the name Over Center Buckle comes from. After this point, the fastener remains locked, ensuring that the material continues to be tightened, even when no external force is applied.
Unlocking: To unlock the Over Center Buckle, the user simply lifts the lever head and moves it past the center point, and the material will relax. This process releases the lock, allowing the user to open the buckle.

Advantages of the mechanism:
The Over Center Buckle mechanism has the following advantages:
Self-locking: Once the over-center buckle is locked, it remains tight even in the absence of external force. This means it is ideal for applications that require a strong fixation, such as in freight, aviation and transport.
Easy to use: Over Center Buckle is very simple to operate, users can easily unlock the buckle by simply lifting the lever and moving it over the center point without the need for additional tools.
Reliability: Over-center buckles are typically made from durable materials so they can stand the test of time and use, providing reliability and long life.

Over Center Buckle is very common in a variety of applications, especially where secure holding and fastening are required. The following are some specific applications of Over Center Buckle:
Van and Truck Lashing: Over Center Buckle is commonly used in van and truck lashing systems to ensure cargo is securely secured to the transport vehicle. Whether in cargo transportation, handling or outdoor adventure transportation, over-center buckles provide reliable fastening.
Aircraft cargo hold fixation: In the aviation field, Over Center Buckle is often used to secure cargo and equipment in aircraft cargo holds. This ensures that the cargo does not loosen or move during the flight.
Outdoor products and open-air sports: Over-the-center buckles are also common in outdoor products and open-air sports equipment, such as camping tents, backpacks, ski equipment, etc. They are used to ensure that equipment is securely fastened to cope with various environmental conditions.
Transportation Buckle: Whether on a bicycle, motorcycle, boat, or other transportation vehicle, the Over Center Buckle is used to secure and tie down gear to ensure they don't swing or fall while on the move.

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