What Is A Cam Buckle Strap?


Cam buckle straps are one of the more unique types of t […]

Cam buckle straps are one of the more unique types of tie-down straps because they do not use a mechanism such as a ratchet strap to secure the cargo, which uses a ratchet to tighten the cargo. The cam buckle is tightened by hand strength, and only when your hand strength can physically tighten it. Some of the main benefits of using straps like the Cam Buckle are that when these straps are tightened, there is little damage to sensitive surfaces such as antiques, lightweight goods with sensitive edges, or fragile valuables.


A cam buckle strap uses a cam buckle with a clip, which is similar to a belt, and holds the strap in place once the tie-down webbing is pulled through and the cam buckle is released. This is the ideal cargo hold for lighter-weight cargo or fragile cargo. Ideally, Cam Buckles are one of the most used belts for porters who deal with customers who may lose repeat customers if their valuables are damaged beyond repair.


One of the very few downsides to using a cam strap is that, unlike ratchet or winch straps, it's not exactly suitable for the heaviest cargo weights, such as professional trucking flatbeds. This is one of the downsides you want to be sure of, it's tighter than the force of the webbing that you can pull overloads that can easily weigh a few thousand pounds or more.


The Cam Buckle is much simpler in its design and usage, with a small spring within the buckle to provide tensioning along with a set of teeth to keep the strap tensioned.


To thread a Cam Buckle Strap, simply depress the cam mechanism and insert the webbing through the bottom of the buckle. Pull the strap to your desired tension then release the lever to secure it in place. That should take care of it.

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