What Are The Features Of A Cam Buckle Strap With Hook? How To Wear It?


What are these straps?   Ratchet straps and cam bu […]

What are these straps?


Ratchet straps and cam buckles are used to secure various types of cargo and come in a variety of sizes: 1", 2", 3", and 4" widths. Ratchet Straps come with many different end fittings to choose from: Chain Extensions, D-Rings, E-Track Fittings, E-Track Double Stud Fittings, F-Track Hooks and Spring E Fittings, Flat Hooks, Flat Buckle Hooks, j - Hook with D-ring, S-hook and vinyl coated wire hook. Polyester webbing is great for cargo securing due to its low stretch. It is also very hard to wear.


In some cases, you may not need the strength of a ratchet strap. In these cases, you would use a cam buckle. Cam straps come with a variety of accessories: Butterfly Fittings, Electronic Track Fittings, F Track Hooks and Spring Electronic Fittings, Handlebar Strap with S Hooks, Flat Spring Hooks, and S Hooks. Cam buckles are usually available in 1" and 2" sizes.


How to Wear a Ratchet Strap


open ratchet upwards

This gives you access to the spool.


pull the strap
Slide the strap over the spool and pull it straight back into place. Once this is done, pull the straps to remove any excess slack.


start ratchet
Once all the slack is removed, you can start ratcheting the straps to your desired tension. Make sure to keep the belt straight throughout the process.


lock it
Once in your desired position, lock the ratchet in its closed position.


To loosen the strap, fully open the ratchet again so that it lays completely flat. Once it's flat, you can put it in the release position and the strap can be pulled out normally.


How to Wear a Cam Buckle
First, turn the cam buckle over and thread the strap through while pressing down on the thumb release. While pressing the thumb release, pull the strap to the desired tension, then release it.


remove the strap
To remove the strap, press the thumb button and simply pull on the strap. You don't need to pull the strap all the way out, just your cargo.


when to use these shoulder straps


When choosing between ratchet straps and cam buckles, it often comes down to the workload limit, or how fragile the product is. If it's something light and fragile, go for a cam buckle as you can't over-tension and potentially crush the product. If it's heavier and less fragile, a ratchet strap is usually a better choice.

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