What Are The Components Of A Lashing System?


The lashing system consists of sewn webbing, tensioning […]

The lashing system consists of sewn webbing, tensioning device (ratchet or buckle), and Lashing Buckles


A two-part lashing system consists of a long part and a short part. The tightening device is usually in the shorter section. The endings of the two parts can be the same or different.


1. Partial lashing system (aka belt configuration)
Belt lashing systems are made from a single textile part with a tensioning device (buckle or ratchet) placed at the end.


2. Accessories


A two-part lashing system has a fitting on each end. The ends can be hooks or clean cuts. They can be the same or different. There are many types of hooks available, such as:


closed wire hook

with locking hook

open thread hook

PVC coated hook

Hook for internal lashing


What types of tensioners are on the market?


The main type of ratchet on the market.


common ratchet


These are the most common on the market. They consist of a gear and a handle with a ratchet that can be tightened by wrapping a strap around the shaft. You need to lift the handle to cause the rotation of the gears and the roll of the webbing for tension in the system.


Progressive release ratchet


The ratchet's progressive "slot-by-slot" release mechanism ensures unloading and readjusts its stability if necessary. The ratchet allows you to gradually, gradually, and safely release the force retained in the lashing system. You ensure unbalanced unloading and thus regain control of your cargo. With this system, the webbing will slowly loosen, the load will not fall off, and the hook will not fall off immediately.

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