Tips On How To Make Ratchet Straps Last Longer


Properly store ratchet straps between uses   When […]

Properly store ratchet straps between uses


When driving on the road for a long time, once you get to the next stop, it is very easy to try to save time by tossing the belt into a truck bed or carriage for quick storage. One of the downsides of doing this after a while is that the ratchet straps can get damaged from friction burns or even mold, causing the straps to need to be repaired or replaced.


We often hear from people who have left their belts in the back of a pickup truck bed or laying on the floor inside their trailer, shocked the next time they use the ratchet belt, burn marks on the webbing, tears on the webbing, and even in some cases, Webbing has been cut because they have been improperly stored between prolonged uses.


Perform proper routine maintenance on your ratchet straps


One of the best ways to extend the life of your ratchet belt is to maintain proper maintenance of your ratchet hardware to help prevent potential blockages. We strongly recommend spraying some silicone spray several times a year


Avoid leaving ratchet straps in direct sunlight


Did you know that one of the top causes of tie webbing damage comes directly from the sun's UV rays? Although ratchet straps are often exposed to harsh environments in the back of a pickup truck bed, pickup truck, or flatbed trailer, you can help extend the life of your straps and become safer from direct sunlight by storing the straps when not in use.


If you notice any noticeable change in the color of the webbing, lightning, or discoloration, you should inspect the strap and replace it before your next use, depending on the degree of sun damage. Discoloration of the ratchet straps and tie-down webbing can become a major problem and should be taken seriously.

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