The Use Characteristics And Characteristics Of The Cargo Tie Down


Binding straps, also known as Cargo Tie Down, are used […]

Binding straps, also known as Cargo Tie Down, are used in the transportation, movement, shipping or storage of goods. They have locking properties, will not fall off, are safe, reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. According to different hook types, it is suitable for various environments. Also known as Binders, Fasteners, Fastening Belts, Military Binding Belts.


Use features


1. It saves time and effort. With the momentum of pulling a thousand pounds, one person can operate the binding device to generate a huge binding force, and the binding and unloading are fast.


2. Safe and durable, it is made of special steel as parts and strong acid and alkali resistant fiber materials.


3. Easy to operate, fasten in an instant, never fall off, loose in an instant, easy to operate, easy to recycle the lashings, and does not take up space.


4. It does not hurt the goods. It is made of fiber material flat webbing. The force points are scattered and soft, and it will never hurt the goods.




1. All kinds of hardware accessories have undergone heat treatment, and professional testing and simple operation methods can ensure safe use.


2. The binding belt is made of high-strength polyester yarn, which has low water absorption and strong adaptability to the natural environment. It is suitable for use with professional tools in transporting various items.


3. Each strap has black stripes to indicate the breaking strength. The company can decide whether or not to have black stripes and how many black stripes to bring according to customer requirements.


4. Songyi binding belt is widely used for bundling goods in logistics enterprises, military transportation and train transportation. It is suitable for fastening and bundling various objects to prevent loosening.

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