The Purpose And Function Of The Cargo Tie Down


Cargo tie downs are securing features used for cargo tr […]

Cargo tie downs are securing features used for cargo transport, movement, shipment, or storage. It will not fall off after locking, is safe and reliable, light and easy to operate, and protect items from damage. It is a device for strengthening steel formwork and pressing wood, mainly used for tensioning.


Structural features of the cargo fastening belt:


Cargo lashing straps consist of tie straps, fasteners, and metal ends. The fastener is a manual tightening device with a wrist force of 500N.


The main purpose of cargo tie-down straps:
Cargo strapping is mainly used for binding items on trucks, trailers, ships, or rails, as well as binding and tensioning steel, wood, various pipes, and other items.


The scope of application of cargo tie-down straps:
Lashing straps are suitable for vehicle towing and rescue. The winch cannot be used for lifting cargo. The ambient temperature of the tightening belt is -40℃~+100℃. When using polypropylene tightening straps, the ambient temperature is generally -40°C to +80°C. It is strictly forbidden to use in a high-temperature environment.


There are various structures of strapping machines. According to actual needs, when the end is not exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, the strength of the tension belt will be reduced. Therefore, the tightening belt should not be used for too long in places with strong ultraviolet rays. The bolter avoids working in molten metal, acid, glass plates, fragile objects, nuclear reactors, and special environments.

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