The Function And Composition Of Ratchet Buckle


We all know that ratchet buckles are used to transport, […]

We all know that ratchet buckles are used to transport, move, ship or store goods. Lockable, will not fall off, safe and reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. It can be applied to various environments according to different hooks. Also known as bolting device, tensioning device, binding device, tensioning device, and tightening belt. Ratchet buckles are similar to buckle locks. What it does is tighten the two pieces, but in different forms.


A new type of ratchet buckle


A ratchet buckle is a device used to tighten the packing tape during the packing process of goods. Traditional ratchet straps are attached to both ends of the ratchet. This makes the ratchet buckle itself too complicated, and the packing tape is only fixed by a simple buckle, which is very easy to pull out and fall off, which affects the packing efficiency. There is a ratchet buckle, which completes the locking, fixing, and cutting of the strapping at one end, which makes the structure of the strapping machine more concise and easy to carry. The unique strapping groove design effectively prevents the strapping from being tightened. in disengagement.


It consists of a ratchet body and a tensioning handle. The front end of the ratchet body is equipped with a cutting device. The cutting device is fixedly connected to the ratchet buckle body. The cutting unit is also equipped with a cutting unit handle for controlling the cutting unit. The handle of the cutting device is fixedly connected to the cutting device.
For general cargo tie-downs, the existing ratchet buckles are sufficient, but for demanding cargo tie-downs, the ratchet buckles need to be improved and further upgrades are required.


The ratchet buckle has high breaking strength, simple operation, low cost, and high efficiency, and can replace other products of the same purpose: such as wire ropes, chains, etc. storage of goods. It will not fall off after locking, is safe and reliable, lightweight, and easy to operate. It protects objects from damage and is available in a variety of sizes.


It can be said that the ratchet buckle plays a great role in the cargo tie, and also brings great convenience to our life and work.

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