Selection Of Ratchet Strap Manufacturer


Ratchet strap manufacturer is usually used in the proce […]

Ratchet strap manufacturer is usually used in the process of cargo transportation, movement, and shipment, and it is generally used for fixing. They have good locking properties, will not fall off easily, are safe, reliable, and light, and can protect objects from damage. Depending on the hook type, the environment used is also different. The ratchet strap manufacturer is similar to the buckle lock, and the function is only to tighten the two pieces, but the form will be somewhat different.

The ratchet strap manufacturer uses different places, and the types are relatively different. -40℃~+100℃ Ratchet strap manufacturer is used to fix the goods during transportation, mobile shipment, or storage. They have the characteristics of not falling off after being locked, safe and reliable, lightweight, simple operation, and protecting objects from damage. According to the width, the product can be divided into 2.5CM (minimum breaking force is 1T) 3.5CM (minimum breaking force is 2T) ) 5.0CM (minimum breaking force is 5T) 7.5CM (minimum breaking force is 7T) 10CM (minimum breaking force is 10T). Of course, there are other types of tensioner belts.

When we use a ratchet strap manufacturer or a ratchet tie down strap , we need to choose from three aspects. The first is its width. The width is generally 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, etc.; the second is strength, That is, the safe load and breaking load it can bear; the third is the style, which is generally divided into two types: hook type and no hook type.

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