Recommendations And Length Measurements For Cargo Lashing


When we are Cargo Tie Down, carelessness may damage the […]

When we are Cargo Tie Down, carelessness may damage the goods, so if we use traditional ropes for cargo binding, it is easy to cause unnecessary losses, but the strapping does not have this trouble.


The strap products are heat-treated in various hardware accessories, professionally tested, and easy to operate to ensure safe use.


The strapping is made of high-strength polyester yarn, which has low water absorption and strong adaptability to the natural environment. Suitable for use as a professional tool for the transportation of various items.


Each strap has a black stripe to indicate the breaking strength, and it can be determined according to customer requirements whether there is a black stripe and how many black stripes there are.


Straps are widely used in logistics companies, military transportation, and train transportation to bundle goods. It is suitable for fastening and binding various objects to prevent loose use.


Cargo bundle length measurement


After the goods are bundled, we need to organize the straps, but the straps are usually difficult to take care of, so how to quickly organize the straps?


The first thing to do when servicing your strapping is to measure the lay length. Lay Length Measurement For fine diameter wire rope rigging, the twisted wire rope rigging can be wrapped in the soft white paper, the traces of the strands in the wire rope rigging can be marked with a pencil, and then the lay length can be measured with a standard precision measuring tool; For thicker steel wire rope slings, mark directly on the wire rope slings for measurement. The length of the measurement section is 5 lay lengths, and the average value is taken as the measurement result.


In fact, with the advancement of technology and the times, the form of commodity bundling is no longer single, and the tools used are also emerging in an endless stream. Therefore, in addition to strapping, there are tools such as ratchet buckles that can play the role of bundling or assisting goods.

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