Ratchet Buckle Safety Release Structure


We usually use a ratchet buckle, but don't know the str […]

We usually use a ratchet buckle, but don't know the structure of the safety release strap of the ratchet buckle. Normally, we don't touch this thing, so we may not know what it is when we see it.


The structural feature of the ratchet safety release strap is the pivoting body and handle in the shaft assembly. The main body protrudes to the lugs respectively, the handle protrudes and pivots respectively, the shaft passes through the two lugs and is combined with the two pivots, and the main body is pivotally connected to the handle. The shaft is respectively combined between the two lugs and the two pivot parts, and a ratchet wheel is used, and each ratchet wheel is provided with a plurality of ratchet teeth.


The main bodies of both have a long slot, and the clips are slidably embedded in the two long slots. A spring is arranged between the buckle piece and the main body, and the card is pushed by the elastic force of the spring. Aligned with the two ratchets, the two handles each have an elongated slot for inserting the stop in the two elongated slots in a slidable form.


But its main function is cargo tie down. No matter how its morphological characteristics change, the main purpose is to better bundle commodities and better bundle commodities. So, no matter how it changes, I hope it can be more perfect and more convenient, and faster to use.

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