Precautions When Using The Ratchet Strap


Precautions when using the Ratchet Strap   It is a […]

Precautions when using the Ratchet Strap


It is a device for reinforcing steel formwork and compressing wooden boards, mainly for tensioning. Tighten with the tool and fasten with the butterfly clasp. The operation is simple and the efficiency is more than ten times higher than other tightening methods.
The tensioner is used in the transportation, movement, shipment or storage of goods to fix the function. After they are locked, they will not fall off, are safe and reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, and protect objects from damage


Precautions when using


1. Use only undamaged tensioners with labels clearly indicating capacity.


2. Can not be overloaded.


3. Do not use the webbing with a knot.


4. When using, please try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners to avoid abrasion or cutting.


5. Avoid twisting and twisting the tensioner.


6. Do not place objects on the tensioner to avoid injury.


7. Do not use the tensioner as a load lifting adjustment.

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