Note For 2" Ratchet Buckle


Everyone knows the role of the ratchet buckle, the most […]

Everyone knows the role of the ratchet buckle, the most important thing is to fix items. But there are many specifications of ratchet buckle, including 2" ratchet buckle .

The tensioner is a fixed function used in the transportation, movement, shipment, or storage of goods. After being locked, they will not fall off, are safe and reliable, light and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. It is equipment for reinforcing steel formwork and compressing wood boards, mainly for tensioning.

If the ratchet buckle is not paid attention to during use, it may cause some damage to itself, so we need to pay attention to some matters during use. 1. Only use undamaged tensioners, the label can indicate the ability. 2. Can not be overloaded. 3. Do not use the webbing with knots. 4. When using, please try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners to avoid abrasion or cutting. 5. Avoid twisting and twisting the tensioner. 6. Do not place objects on the tensioner to avoid injury. 7. Do not use the tensioner as a load lifting adjustment.

So when we use a 1" ratchet buckle or other specifications of ratchet buckle, we must pay attention to our safety and follow the rules of use.

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