Introduction Of Cam Buckles And The Use Of Safety And Ratchet Straps


What is a cam buckle strap?   Cam buckle straps ar […]

What is a cam buckle strap?


Cam buckle straps are one of the more unique types of tie-down straps because they do not use a mechanism such as a ratchet strap to secure the cargo, which uses a ratchet to tighten the cargo. The cam buckle is tightened with hand force, only as much as your hand force can physically tighten.


Are cam buckles safe?


All of our webbing and hardware are rigorously tested to determine workload limits and breaking strength, so we can keep every customer safe! Cam Buckle Straps – Cam buckle straps are definitely not as strong as ratchet straps, but they are definitely durable!


What is the purpose of the ratchet belt?


What are ratchet straps and what are they used for? This support device, also known as lashings and tie-downs, is primarily used for transportation and is a popular method of securing equipment and loads of varying weights, sizes, and shapes.

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