• A New Kind Of Ratchet Buckle

    A New Kind Of Ratchet Buckle

    The ratchet buckle is a device for tightening the packing belt used in the goods packing process. The traditional ratchet buckle packing belt is fixed at both ends of the ratchet buckle. This makes the ratchet buckle itself too complicated, and the packing belt is only Through simple buckle fixing, ... read more

    Mar 05,2021 Industry News
  • Features Of Tie Down Straps Manufacturer

    Features Of Tie Down Straps Manufacturer

    We can often see all kinds of tie-down straps on trucks. With the development of the economy, transactions are taking place everywhere, so there will inevitably be transportation between items, and naturally, there will be tie-down straps. For this reason, tie down straps manufacturer has also made ... read more

    Mar 12,2021 Industry News
  • Note For 2

    Note For 2" Ratchet Buckle

    Everyone knows the role of the ratchet buckle, the most important thing is to fix items. But there are many specifications of ratchet buckle, including 2" ratchet buckle . The tensioner is a fixed function used in the transportation, movement, shipment, or storage of goods. After being locked, they ... read more

    Mar 19,2021 Industry News
  • 1

    1" Ratchet Buckle Usage Environment

    The tensioner is also called a binding belt or a bolter, which is mainly composed of two parts: a fixed end and an adjustment end. Mainly used for fixing goods during transportation. It is simple and convenient to use by one person. The use of the tensioner starts with understanding. There are many ... read more

    Mar 26,2021 Industry News
  • Over Center Buckle Material

    Over Center Buckle Material

    When we use the strap, sometimes it feels that it is too long, so it is not easy to bundle. At this time, we need an over center buckle to assist. The buckle of the over-center buckle is generally made of flat material and has a structure suitable for withstanding high forces. The buckle works on an... read more

    Apr 02,2021 Industry News