What Is Tie Down Strap?


Tie down strap has been heat treated in various hardwar […]

Tie down strap has been heat treated in various hardware accessories, and professional testing and simple operation methods ensure safe use.
Tie down strap is made of high-strength polyester yarn, which is absorbent and adaptable to the natural environment. It is suitable for use in transportation of various items with professional tools.
Each strap has a black stripe to indicate the breaking strength. We can decide whether or not to have black stripes and how many black stripes with the customer's requirements.
Tie down strap are widely used for logistics companies, military transportation, and bundled goods during train transportation. It is suitable for fastening, bundling and preventing loosening of various objects.

The buckle on a tie-down strap lets you tighten down the strap and keeps the strap tight while it's in use. You have a choice of either cam or ratcheting buckles. For really heavy applications, such as in over-the-road trucking, a winch is used to tighten down straps.
Webbing with a linking device is used for the fastening of goods with trucks, trailers, pallets, boxes and containers. This is also known as ratchet lashing, ratchet straps, ratchet tie downs, tie down straps and lashing with webbing.

The tensioning straps are used for fixing functions during transportation, movement, shipment or storage of goods. They have locking properties and do not fall off. They are safe, reliable, light and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage.
Use a strap attached to the strap to tighten the strap and secure it when in use. You can choose a cam or a ratchet buckle. In very heavy applications, such as in traffic, the winch is used to tighten the strap.
Webbing with attachments is used to secure goods through trucks, trailers, pallets, crates and containers. This is also known as ratcheting, ratcheting, ratcheting, tying and webbing.

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