How To Use The Car Ratchet Buckle?


How to use the car Ratchet Buckle?   The car tensi […]

How to use the car Ratchet Buckle


The car tensioner is used in the transportation, movement, shipment, or storage of goods to fix the function. After they are locked, they will not fall off, are safe, reliable, lightweight, easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. It is a device for reinforcing steel formwork and compressing wooden boards, mainly for tensioning. Common tensioning devices and how to use them are as follows:


1. Screw tensioning device. The screw tensioning device has a simple structure, and the tensioning stroke is too small. It is only suitable for short-distance conveyors. Generally, it is only selected when the length of the machine is less than 80m. The disadvantage is that the tape cannot be automatically tensioned after it stretches itself.


2. Gravity tensioning device. The characteristics of the gravity tensioning device are that the tensioning force is constant and the tensioning displacement is variable. It is suitable for fixed long-distance conveyors. Restricted places cannot be used.


3. Fix the winch tensioning device. The fixed winch tightening device uses a small winch to tighten, and the winch generally uses a worm gear reducer to drive the reel to wind the steel rope, thereby tightening the tape. The advantages of this kind of tensioning device are small size and large pulling force, so it is widely used in underground belt conveyors.


4. Automatic tensioning device. The automatic tensioning device can not only automatically adjust the tensioning force according to the traction force of the active roller, but also compensate for the elongation of the tape. The automatic tensioning device is composed of a motor, a brake, a reducer, a wire rope drum, etc., and a large tension tensioning device is used to tension the conveyor belt. At the same time, it is equipped with a tension sensor to measure the tension of the conveyor belt. When the tension of the conveyor belt changes, it exceeds the normal range of the conveyor. When the operating range is reached, the automatic tensioning device moves quickly to adjust the tension of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor.

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