How To Use The Cam Buckle Straps?


Cam Buckle Straps are a unique type of tie-down straps […]

Cam Buckle Straps are a unique type of tie-down straps because they do not use a mechanism to secure the load, such as ratchet straps that use ratchets to tighten the load. The cam buckle is tightened by hand power and can only be tightened with the physical tightening force of the hand. Some of the main benefits of using straps such as the Cam Buckle are that sensitive surfaces are rarely damaged when tightening these straps, such as antiques, light goods with sensitive edges, or fragile valuables.


The cam buckle adopts a cam buckle with a strap clip. Once the webbing is pulled over and the cam buckle is released, the harness will stay in place. This is the ideal cargo-securing device for light or fragile cargo. Ideally, cam buckles are one of the most common belts used by movers who deal with customers and risk losing repeat customers if their valuables are damaged beyond repair.


One of the very few disadvantages of using a cam buckle strap is that it is different from a ratchet or winch strap. It's not exactly suitable for the heaviest cargo weights, such as specialty trucks hauling flatbeds. This is one of the downsides that you have to make sure the force is tighter than the webbing. You can use webbing to thread loads that weigh thousands of pounds or more. One of the main differences between cam and ratchet straps is the amount of force used to tighten the webbing. The ratchet straps feature one-way flow ratchets that tighten the load but never allow the load to loosen unless the pull on the ratchet handle is manually released. Cam buckles use hardware called alligator clips to bite into the webbing, locking the cinch webbing in place. The strength of the webbing is ultimately determined by how taut you can hand-tighten the load, so use ratchet straps or an alternative if you plan to use heavier loads. On average, if your cargo weighs more than 750 lbs, you should immediately consider ratchet straps or winch straps if you are using a commercial flatbed trailer. Ratchet and winch straps are designed for the heaviest loads, while cam buckles are designed for light to medium loads.

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