How To Use Ratchet Tie Down Strap


We all know that the goods need to be fixed during tran […]

We all know that the goods need to be fixed during transportation, otherwise, it will cause light or heavy damage to the goods, and the ratchet tie down strap is a good choice.

The tensioner is also called a binding strap or a bolter, which is mainly composed of two parts: a fixed end and an adjustment end. It is mainly used for fixing goods during transportation. When using, only need to effectively fix the fixed end and the adjusting end of the tensioner, then insert the webbing of the adjusting end of the binding belt into the metal handle of the fixed end, shake the handle vigorously to adjust the binding force state. One person can use the tensioner easily and conveniently. It is equipment for reinforcing steel formwork and compressing wood boards, mainly for tensioning. Use this device to tighten, and then fasten with a butterfly buckle. The operation is simple, and the correction rate is more than ten times higher than other tightening methods. After being locked, they will not fall off, are safe and reliable, light, and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage.

The above is the use method of ratchet tie-down strap, and ratchet strap manufacturer will perfect the ratchet tie-down strap.

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