How To Use Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks


We all know that the bundling of goods requires certain […]

We all know that the bundling of goods requires certain tools, especially some relatively large goods, it is impossible to complete without the aid of tools. So what we are going to talk about today is one of the tools, cam buckle straps with hooks , which is very convenient and practical to use, so do you know how to use it?

First, you need to hook the two hooks on the base separately, and the webbing needs to be fixed nationwide. Next, open the tensioner hardware, pass the webbing through the middle, and then pass through the middle rotating shaft; pre-tighten the webbing; swing the handle back and forth to tighten the webbing, and the fixing is completed; the following steps are to loosen the tensioner and pinch the fuse of the handle. The method of maximizing the tensioner hardware, the rotating shaft will automatically loosen. Finally, pull out the webbing and loosen the tensioner to complete the operation. Of course, this is the method of using a hooked cam buckle belt. There is also a belt without buttons, so the method used will be different.

Not enough cam buckle straps with hooks are used together with over center buckle , generally speaking, the effect will be better.

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