How To Use A Ratchet Tie Down Strap?


We always need to use other tools for fixing during tra […]

We always need to use other tools for fixing during transportation, such as ratchet tie down strap . So how do you need to use the ratchet tie-down strap?

When the hook is lowered to the lower limit position, the safety loop of the steel wire rope on the drum shall be ensured, and the effective safety loop must be more than 2 loops. It is not allowed to press two flashlight door buttons that make the electric hoist move in opposite directions at the same time. After the work is completed, the main switch of the power supply must be opened to cut off the power supply. The electric hoist should be operated by a dedicated person, and the operator should fully grasp the safe operation regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to pull the inclined crane.

In use, the electric hoist must be inspected regularly by specialized personnel, and measures should be taken in a time when the fault is found, and carefully recorded. When adjusting the braking sliding amount of the electric hoist, it should be ensured that the braking sliding amount S≤V/100 under the rated load (V is the stable lifting distance within the next minute of the load). The electric hoist must keep enough lubricating oil in use, and keep the lubricating oil clean, free of impurities and dirt.

The above is the use of ratchet tie-down straps. Many ratchet strap manufacturer will give away user manuals when you purchase them, but some do not.

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