How to Loosen the Ratchet Strap?


How to Loosen the Ratchet Strap   If you need to l […]

How to Loosen the Ratchet Strap


If you need to loosen the tether: press the release on the level and pull the ratchet handle at the same time.


Open the ratchet until the ratchet is fully open and flat. How to Loosen the Ratchet Strap Next, pull the webbing out of the ratchet mandrill, the ratchet is now detached from the webbing.


It is important to store the ratchet strap in a friction-free, dry, safe location to prevent wear and tear on the ratchet strap, thereby extending the life of the ratchet tie-down strap.


It's important to note that before using ratchet straps, be sure to inspect them for any obvious damage, wear, or other defects, and if the straps are not secure, you'll need to buy new straps.


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Ratchet straps are a very tricky piece of equipment if used incorrectly. Many shoulder straps can jam or break due to abuse of the ratchet straps. Hopefully, by the end of this video, you should have a solid grasp of how to properly assemble and use a ratchet strap.

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