How Much Cargo Mooring Distance Should Be Left?


As the name implies, the binding belt is used for cargo […]

As the name implies, the binding belt is used for cargo tie-down, which is used to fix the function of the transportation, movement, shipment, or storage of goods. After being locked, they will not fall off, are safe and reliable, light and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. But how do we bind the best?


It is carried out during the twisting process of the wire rope sling, and the measurement is carried out on the wire rope sling section between the crimping die and the traction wheel. Diameter measurement The diameter of the wire rope sling is measured with a vernier caliper with appropriate width jaws, and the diameter of the circumscribed circle of the wire rope sling is measured as the actual measured diameter of the wire rope sling. The measurement should be carried out on the straight line of the wire rope sling without tension.


It can be measured during the twisting process or by intercepting the sample. Take 4 measuring points in different directions of two sections with a distance of at least 1m, measure one value for each point, and take the average value. The diameter measurement of a triangular strand wire rope sling (see special-shaped strand wire rope sling) is to measure the height dimension of its cross-section. Check the non-looseness of the wire rope sling. The non-loose performance of the wire rope sling should be untied at the end of the sling.


The same is true when using a ratchet buckle, there are all ways to use it.

About Cargo Tie Down


When we bundle the goods, carelessness may damage the goods, so if we use the traditional rope to carry out cargo tie-down, it will easily cause unnecessary losses, and the lashing belt does not have this trouble.


The binding belt products have undergone heat treatment in various hardware accessories, and with professional testing, simple operation methods can ensure safe use.


The binding belt is made of high-strength polyester yarn, with low water absorption and strong adaptability to the natural environment. It is suitable for use as a professional tool in the transportation of various items.


Each strap has a black stripe to indicate the breaking strength, which can be determined according to customer requirements or not, and how many black strips it has.


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