Everything You Need To Know About Cam Buckles


What is a cam buckle strap?   A cam buckle is esse […]

What is a cam buckle strap?


A cam buckle is essentially a lighter type of ratcheting strap commonly known as a tie-down strap.


Unlike ratchet straps, which use a ratchet to tighten the strap, cam buckle straps are tightened manually. While this makes it easier to maneuver, the cam buckle is, therefore, better for transporting and lifting lighter objects. This makes them ideal for transporting delicate items such as antiques.


In general, cam buckle straps should not be used to lift objects over 250kg, but in some cases, heavy duty cam buckles can be used if the object weighs slightly more than this.


How do cam buckles work?


As their name suggests, cam buckle straps operate using a cam buckle mechanism. Once the webbing has been pulled to the desired length, the cam buckle can be released. Once released, the buckle clips onto the strap, tying it up and holding it securely in place.


How do you put on a cam buckle strap?


Before trying to put on a cam buckle strap, you need to make sure the strap doesn't show any signs of damage, as it can break if used incorrectly.


If the cam buckle strap appears safe to use, first wrap the strap around the object you are transporting, using extreme caution if the object in question is fragile.



After wrapping, pull the webbing through the cam buckle. Continue doing this until the strap is as tight as you want. When done, simply loosen the cam buckle to secure the shoulder straps and webbing in place.

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