Do Car Ratchet Tie Downs Help With Safe Transport?


In the process of car transportation, tiles will encoun […]

In the process of car transportation, tiles will encounter situations such as emergency braking and bumpy road conditions. The tiles installed on the vehicle body will shake greatly due to inertia, resulting in damage to the tiles, or even injury to the vehicle, making it impossible to transport safely. Ratchet tie-down straps have become a useful tool for cars to secure cargo while transporting tiles.


Now many dealers have seen high profits in the ceramic tile sales industry, but high profits are also accompanied by high risks, especially in the transportation of ceramic tiles. During the transportation of tiles, there will always be some bumps and external factors that cause tiles to bump. Insufficient fixation results in high product scrap rates. Buyers will mistakenly think that it is a quality problem with the tiles. The strength of the product is not enough and the materials used are low. Merchants who are in trouble are also distressed.


After investigation, the strapping manufacturer found that the quality problem of tiles is not the main cause of tile damage. The damage to tiles mainly occurs during handling and transportation and is caused by improper fixing. To this end, the manufacturer developed a car to solve this problem. The tensioning straps are specially developed and produced to deal with the improper fixing of transport tiles.


An automobile tension belt is a kind of cargo binding belt. It is mainly developed and produced for the transportation of ceramic tiles. It saves time and energy. With strong force, one person can operate the strapping device, which produces huge strapping force and fast strapping. It is safe and durable, easy to operate, fixed instantly, never falls off, easy to recycle and tie, and does not take up space. No damage to the goods, the product is made of fiber material flat webbing, the stress points are scattered, soft, and will not damage the goods.


Maybe as a businessman, I care about the price of shipping and tensioners. After all, buying a tensioner will increase the cost. In fact, the tensioner is really not as expensive as we thought. A 5-ton tensioner is only a few tens of dollars, and two packs of cigarettes are missing. Don't be fooled by your sixth sense. Dozens of dollars may save you tens of thousands of fast goods, and the bumps during transportation will not be damaged.


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