Common Cargo Tie-down Method


First of all, let’s talk about the most common cargo ti […]

First of all, let’s talk about the most common cargo tie-down method of the hoist. Although it is the most common method, it is also the most likely method to cause oil leakage in the rotating gear. Once the oil leakage occurs, it will cause the chain to slip. , It will not only stain the goods but also loosen the goods, leading to failure in handling and even damage to the goods.

The second is to use a simple "fixed iron or wooden rod" to block, coupled with wire binding. The fatal weakness of this method is that the materials used for blocking and reinforcement cannot withstand the inertial force generated in emergency situations such as braking, and vehicles. The inertial force of turning and leaning.

The third is that there is no barrier during cargo loading and unloading, and the lack of barrier effectively separates and fixes the fixing tools and materials. Therefore, several combinations of flexible and rigid binders are recommended for your reference.

When large mechanical equipment such as steel coils and engineering vehicles need to be transported, a specially designed large rigid chain binding device can be used. This binder is different from the known lever-type chain binder and ratchet-type chain binder. Because it is mainly designed with a combination of a "fixed circular cargo stopper + rigid chain binding device", it is extremely convenient to use on the road and has been widely used. The advantage of this method is that the system can be locked quickly, not only can the length be adjusted, it is very convenient, but also easy to disassemble, and the work efficiency is significantly improved. In addition, the weight of the product is very light, and it is also extremely handy and safe to use.
If you need to move large items such as steel pipes, instruments, and containers, you can use a flexible binding device with a sheath/winch and a tightening belt to solve the problem. This method is very simple to bind, and there will be no gourds. The oil leakage of the binding method will not stain and damage the items, and will not loosen.

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