Cargo Tie Down Measurement Of Lay Length


After the cargo tie down is over, we need to organize t […]

After the cargo tie down is over, we need to organize the straps, but the straps are usually more difficult to manage, so how should the straps be quickly organized?

The first thing to do when taking care of the binding belt is to measure the lay length. Twisting distance measurement For fine-diameter steel wire rope slings, a soft white paper can be used to wrap the twisted steel wire rope slings, and the traces of the strands in the steel wire rope slings can be marked with a pencil, and then the lay lengths can be measured with a standard precision measuring tool; For steel wire rope slings with thicker specifications, mark directly on the wire rope slings for measurement. The length of the measurement section is 5 lay lengths, and the average value is taken as the measurement result.

In fact, with the advancement of technology and the times, the form of goods bundling is no longer single, and the tools used are endless. So in addition to the bundling belt, there are also tools such as ratchet buckle that can be used to bundle or assist the goods the role.

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