Applications And Benefits of Cam Buckle Straps


Both parts of Cam Buckle Straps use high tenacity polye […]

Both parts of Cam Buckle Straps use high tenacity polyester webbing, thick cam buckle and end fittings. Cam buckle cable is for light applications, such as goods, cars, motorcycles, sports equipment and above.

More and more users go out camping on "bikes" because their camping equipment is getting smaller and smaller.

When I was out camping, I tried a lot of things to load the back seat and back frame, and found that the rubber rope and net are very simple and easy to use, but gradually transferred the luggage.

Is there something suitable to secure the suitcase to the bicycle?

When I was looking for something suitable for securing goods to a bicycle, I found a strap used in truck transportation.

However, many of the ratchet straps used in truck transportation are exaggerated, with a carrying capacity of more than 1 ton (1000 kg) and too large to be loaded.

Compared with the ratchet system, the cam buckle system is simpler and easier to use, and can withstand up to 450kg of force.

The belt part is made of 25mm wide polyethylene (pe) material, which has high strength. The material can withstand a load of 800 kg, which exceeds a cam buckle of 450 kg. The stitched part is also stitched firmly to ensure strength.

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