A New Kind Of Ratchet Buckle


The ratchet buckle is a device for tightening the packi […]

The ratchet buckle is a device for tightening the packing belt used in the goods packing process. The traditional ratchet buckle packing belt is fixed at both ends of the ratchet buckle. This makes the ratchet buckle itself too complicated, and the packing belt is only Through simple buckle fixing, it is extremely easy to pull out and fall off, which affects the packing efficiency. There is a ratchet buckle in which the locking, fixing, and cutting of the strapping are completed at one end, which makes the structure of the strapping machine more concise and easy to carry, and adopts a unique strapping slot design to effectively prevent the strapping from being tightened. In the disengagement.

It consists of a ratchet buckle body and a tensioning handle. The front end of the ratchet buckle body is equipped with a cutting device. The cutting device is fixedly connected to the ratchet buckle body. The cutting device is also equipped with a cutting device handle for controlling the cutting device. The cutting device handle and the cutting device The device is a fixed connection.

For general cargo tie down , the existing ratchet buckle is sufficient, but for high-demand cargo tie-down, the ratchet buckle still needs to be improved, so it needs to be further upgraded.

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