1" Ratchet Buckle Use And Precautions


1" ratchet buckles are used to secure goods during tran […]

1" ratchet buckles are used to secure goods during transportation, moving, shipment or storage. They are locked and will not fall off, safe and reliable, light in weight, easy to operate, and protect items from damage. It is a reinforced steel formwork and The equipment of the pressing plate is mainly used for tensioning.
It is a device for strengthening steel formwork and pressing wood boards, mainly for tensioning. Use this device to tighten and then fasten with the butterfly clasp. The operation is simple, and the efficiency is more than ten times higher than other tightening methods.


Tensioners are fixed features used for cargo transport, movement, shipment, or storage. It will not fall off after locking, is safe and reliable, is light and easy to operate, and protect items from damage.


1. Use only undamaged tensioners with capacities clearly marked on the label.


2. Can not be overloaded.


3. Do not use knotted webbing.


4. When using, please try to keep the cloth away from sharp edges and corners to avoid abrasion or cut.


5. Do not twist or twist the tensioning wheel.


6. Do not place objects on the tensioning wheel to avoid injury.


7. Do not use the tensioning wheel as a load-lifting adjustment.


When we use the tensioner, we only need to effectively fix the fixed end and the adjustment end of the tensioner, then insert the ribbon at the adjustment end of the strap into the metal handle at the fixed end and shake the handle vigorously to adjust the binding force state.


The ambient temperature of the fastening belt is -40℃~+100℃. When using polypropylene fastening tape, the ambient temperature is generally -40°C to +80°C. It is strictly forbidden to use in a high-temperature environment. There are various structures of tie-down devices. According to actual needs, when the end is not exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, the strength of the fastening belt will be reduced. Therefore, the restraint belt should not be used for too long in a place with strong ultraviolet rays. The bolter avoids working in molten metal, acid, glass plates, fragile objects, nuclear reactors, and special environments.

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