1" Ratchet Buckle Usage Environment


The tensioner is also called a binding belt or a bolter […]

The tensioner is also called a binding belt or a bolter, which is mainly composed of two parts: a fixed end and an adjustment end. Mainly used for fixing goods during transportation. It is simple and convenient to use by one person. The use of the tensioner starts with understanding. There are many sizes of tensioners, including a 1" ratchet buckle .

When we use the tensioner, we only need to effectively fix the fixed end and the adjustment end of the tensioner, then insert the webbing of the adjustment end of the binding belt into the metal handle of the fixing end, shake the handle vigorously, and adjust the binding force state.

The ambient temperature of the fastening tape is -40℃~+100℃. When the polypropylene fastening tape is used, the ambient temperature is generally -40℃~+80℃. It is strictly forbidden to use it in a high-temperature environment. The structure of the tie-down device is various. According to actual needs, the strength of the tie-down belt will decrease when the end parts are not exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time. Therefore, the tie-down belt should not be used for too long in a place with strong ultraviolet radiation. The bolter avoids working in molten metals, acids, glass plates, fragile objects, nuclear reactors, and special environments.

No matter what size the tensioner is 2" ratchet buckle or 1" ratchet buckle, the material used is the same, so you still need to pay attention to environmental issues.

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